Student Registration

RYLA Conference Dates & Location

June 22–24, 2018

Fitchburg State University
160 Pearl St. Fitchburg, MA

(978) 665-3000


Is there a deadline for my Registration?

YES! YOU MUST REGISTER ONLINE BY APRIL 1. The signed documents must be submitted to your sponsoring Rotary Club AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, and we recommend no later than April 5. Your sponsoring Rotary Club may in fact have an earlier deadline.

Please do not delay!


Who is my Sponsoring Rotary Club, and how do I contact them?

Your attendance at RYLA is “sponsored” and paid for by a local Rotary Club.

If you got a congratulatory letter saying you were selected for RYLA, it probably came from your Sponsoring Rotary Club. Look for the Rotary Club name and contact info on that letter. If you didn't get a letter, ask the person you got your application from.


Online Registration starts in February.


If you still have questions, the next place to go is your sponsoring Rotary Club. If you can’t reach them, you can contact RYLA directly at

If it turns out you won’t be able to attend the entire 3-day RYLA Conference, it’s very important that you notify your sponsoring Rotary Club IMMEDIATELY.