RYLA Weekend – Gear List

What to Bring to RYLA

Students will be staying in a dorm room on the college campus and will be assigned one or more roommates.

Bedding:  Pillow, sleeping bag or bedding for a twin bed.

Toiletries:  Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deoderant, shampoo, etc. Towels: bath & hand towel (Students may wish to bring two towels so that one is always dry.) Optional: Bug-spray and Sunscreen: (While not required these might come in handy.)

Program Attire:  Attendees will be required to wear a provided RYLA t-shirt most of the time but may wear any bottoms they wish (pants, skirt, shorts, etc.— keep it clean & non-promiscuous). Students will be participating in both indoor and outdoor activities throughout the day. Dress is casual.

The Sunday afternoon schedule & Award Reception is a special event parents and guardians and extended family are invited. RYLAns will wear their RYLA program t-shirts to this ceremony.

Footwear:  No open-toed shoes are permitted due to the potential for injury. Non-marking sneakers (those with white soles) should be brought and may be required for use during certain activities.

Be Prepared: Don't forget to check the weather and make an educated decision about what attire would be appropriate.

Carry-all:  Students will be given a RYLA backpack when they arrive. Each morning they will be expected to be prepared to leave the dorm for the day; access to the dorms will be extremely limited.

Writing Instruments:  Please bring some pens and pencils, and/or highlighter for the activities.

Electronics:  Small portable ipods/MP3 players are permitted. However, use is restricted to limited, scheduled recreation time.

Cell Phones:  Students may bring their cell phones however, NO TEXTING/CELL PHONE USE is allowed during the day time.

Camera:  Don't forget lots of extra batteries/charger and an extra memory card (or enough space on your device)! Students should make sure that they clearly identify their camera/phone because many look alike.

Fan (optional):  You may want to bring a small fan. The dorms are NOT air conditioned. (The daytime session rooms are air conditioned.)

What NOT to Bring to RYLA


While many RYLA students choose to be driven to and from the conference by a family member, the sponsoring Rotary Club is prepared to assist with transportation if necessary.

What to Bring

Other Questions?

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