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Are Rotarians children or relatives eligible to attend RYLA?
Where should my club mail the Space Reservation form and payment?
The current year Treaurer's address is listed on our Contact Us page. Make sure to fill out the Space Reservation Form and include it with your payment.
Why must Alternates go to the effort of completing Online Registration, even though they might not attend RYLA?
All Alternates must be correctly and fully registered, and their signed paperwork must be submitted to the Registrar by the deadline, just as if they were a selected Attendee. This ensures that their paperwork is all in place and we can slot students in at the last moment, if an opening becomes available.
How does an Alternate get placed?
If a student selected for RYLA is unable to attend, that student’s sponsoring Rotary club may send one of their designated Alternates in place of the original student.

If the sponsoring club cannot send an Alternate (either because the club did not designate any Alternates, or their designated Alternates are unable to attend the RYLA weekend), then the club should alert the District RYLA Chair. An alternate will then be selected by means of a lottery among all Alternates submitted by all participating clubs in the district. The District RYLA Chair will notify the lottery-selected student’s sponsor club that their Alternate was selected to attend RYLA. The club should IMMEDIATELY notify their student about the opportunity, verify the student's interest and availability to attend RYLA, and report back to the District RYLA Chair confirming the student's participation.
Does the sponsor club of a lottery-selected Alternate have the right to promote a different Alternate of theirs, if the specific lottery-selected person cannot attend, or if they feel the lottery-selected one is not the best candidate?
No. If the specific lottery-selected Alternate is unable to attend, the District RYLA Chair will select another name from the lottery.
Who pays for a lottery-selected Alternate?
No further payment is needed for Alternates. A lottery-selected Alternate is simply filling a pre-paid slot that opened up because an originally-selected student could not attend RYLA.
Who is the official "Sponsor Club" of a lottery-selected Alternate?
A lottery-selected Alternate is considered to be “sponsored” by the club who originally submitted their name, even though their participation in RYLA may be paid for by a different club.
Why is this RYLA Conference being held before the school year ends?
The RYLA conference weekend is always held on the last full weekend in June.

Setting a standardized date allows the RYLA Committee to adequately plan for each year's Conference. Coordinating RYLA is a complex process that begins several years ahead of the actual event. It includes the not-insignificant challenge of finding and securing an appropriate venue, as well as producing training materials and coordinating three days of meals and activities for 600 or more people (students, volunteers, and guests).

Usually the last weekend in June works well for everyone; however, there are some years when the last full weekend in June falls on a calendar date prior to a school's summer recess.
What should my CLUB do if the “school-out date” for one or more of our selected students falls during or after RYLA? … And how will we know?
Students are required to specify the date their school gets out, when they register online. If there is a potential conflict, the Registrar will contact the sponsor club's RYLA Chair and/or Club President, to alert you.

The sponsor club should contact the student immediately to discuss the matter, to make sure the student will be able to attend RYLA. Sometimes students don't realize they MUST be present for the entire RYLA weekend, from Friday morning through Sunday afternoon. It's always best to double-check a potential school-out-date conflict, even if the student has already said they will be able to attend RYLA.
What should A STUDENT do if their “school-out date” falls DURING or AFTER the 3-day RYLA Conference?
We suggest:

1) Ask your school/teachers if you can miss that day (with a note from a parent).
2) If you are scheduled for an exam, ask if you can take the exam in advance.

If the school is unable to accommodate these requests, the prospective student should contact the District 7910 RYLA Committee Chair to discuss other possible solutions.
RYLA participants speak at a club meeting

Other Questions?

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