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What is a Facilitator?
A facilitator is a Junior or Senior in high school who attended the RYLA program their Sophomore year: we call these students Group Facilitators (GFs) and Program Facilitators (PFs) respectively.

Each group of 6-7 students will be placed with a Group Facilitator. These GFs will support and guide the students throughout the RYLA weekend.

We recruit between 3 and 6 Program Facilitators each year. PFs are in charge of running RYLA. They were GFs last year and know the ropes, and we entrust them with the “behind the scenes” work.
Who pays for Facilitators to attend RYLA?
The cost of Facilitator tuition is shared by all participating clubs. A small portion of each club’s Reservation check is allocated to cover the costs of the Facilitators.
Do Facilitators have a Sponsor Club?
Technically no, however they were sponsored by a club their sophomore year, so this is the Rotary club that can (and should!) invite them to a meeting.
How does someone apply to be a Facilitator?
In December, the District RYLA Committee sends out an application to all RYLA participants from the previous June. If a student would like to become a Facilitator, they must send in an application. Applications are due in early January. The Committee will then hold a call-back session where we interview the students and select our next year’s Group Facilitators.

Program Facilitators go through a similar process, but are chosen in December from the pool of last year’s GFs.
How do Facilitators register for RYLA?
Facilitators will register for RYLA much the same way that students register. We will give you directions on how to do so when you are chosen.
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Other Questions?

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