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Does your club have a special flyer, press release, letter, or other custom document that you use for RYLA?  We’re happy to feature it here as a resource for other Rotary Clubs.

Send your materials to
Please include a 1-2 sentence description of what each file is used for.

PLEASE NOTE: These materials and suggestions are provided as a courtesy only. RYLA7910 cannot provide support for third party materials. We have not reviewed the materials and make no claim as to suitability, effectiveness or usability.


RYLA Chair Training
5.5 MB
courtesy of Christine Pinney, RYLA7910 Committee Chair
Need a 1-2 sentence description.
“Thank You For Applying To RYLA” letter
144 K
courtesy of Bedford Rotary Club
Need a 1-2 sentence description.

The RYLA opportunity can be promoted through facebook and other social media!  Include a link to a special page on your club’s website, or to

— Bedford Rotary Club